Thursday, 17 April 2014

Evaluation - Looking back at your preliminary task, what have you learnt and how do you feel about the project

The task was a long process for everyone in my group. We had looked at many horror title sequences over a period of time to see what we can include in our title sequence. I believe that our title sequence was a good horror title sequences because it had all of the elements that make a good horror and we made some decision that horrors always had and took it away. This made our horror title sequence a original because of the codes and conventions we did not use and the title sequence can be called a classic because of the codes and conventions we did use. The things I have learnt was when we were filming because we had to have a little tutorial on the basics of the camera so that means that I now know how to use the settings of the camera properly. The post production I had learnt some things because when using final cut pro I did not know a lot meaning we got some help on the options on the software, so now I know some stuff on final cut pro. During filming we had been through some changes in our plans, we had taken away some shots and added some more shots, the final product was better than I thought because during the planning we had a lot of ideas that was not going to be possible so seeing a final product that had extra ideas and our hard work it was good to see that our title sequence had a positive reception.

Evaluation - Learning new Technology

Evaluation - Attracting your audience

Evaluation - How does your media product present particular social groups

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Evaluation - In what ways does your title sequence use, develop, challenge forms and conventions of real media product

Evaluation - What kind of media institutions might distribute your media product and why?

Choosing the right media institution is important because choosing an institution that only deals with romance genre limits what they can do with a horror genre. So I believe we have to go for a institution that has done horror films in the past and I believe that Lionsgate is the perfect institution for our horror film. Lionsgate has dealt with similar genre films such as the famous Saw trilogy. Saw started as a small film because of the low budget they had with only $1.2 million and Lionsgate helped to distribute the film even though it was not a big blockbuster, meaning our film can also be distributed by Lionsgate. Saw got turned into a huge franchise and trilogy, with Lionsgate my groups film The Waking Hour can also be turned into a trilogy. The reason Lionsgate will distribute The Waking Hour is because  they sometimes take the horror genre with low budget such as American Psycho($7,000,000) and My Bloody Valentine($15,000,000) and make them gross a lot of money. Lionsgate distribute different types of films which means they have more connections than other institution, which means they can distribute The Waking Hour to different cinemas across America.

Evaluation - Who would be the audience for our product?

The target audience for our film will be teenagers to young adults between 15-21, and the gender will be male and female. The reason we have chosen the specific age range is because most of them will be students in schools, colleges, or universities meaning they will want to do something on Saturdays and the cinema is the first option and because the cinema is affordable it is always the chosen option. With cinemas pricing tickets for £9.20 and many students getting money from parents, the cinema becomes the cheapest option for them. the other reason for the specific age is because with the certificate being a 15 we can then include more gore or more blood into the film making The Waking Hour more of a horror genre. When we had said that our audience will be teenager between 15-21 and male and female the feedback we got was generally they agreed with our age because they also felt that the horror genre is primarily consumed by teenagers.

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